Terms and Conditions

Reservation Prices:

Prices are based on information furnished to us at the time of booking. Extensions or changes in service will result in additional charges. It is the responsibility of the Client to review the reservation confirmation prior to service to ensure all information is accurate and respond within twelve (12) hours if anything requires changing or additional charges may apply in accordance with Policy. All Rates and Policy are subject to change without notice.



A non-refundable Reservation Deposit of 20% of total contracted amount, is due upon reservation. Bookings are subject to cancellation without notice if the reservation deposit is not received within this time period. Last-minute reservations must be paid in-full immediately.   Deposits are not required for Airport reservations however a credit card is needed to secure online reservations.  



Bolt, LLC reserves the right to require a credit card to secure service. Bolt LLC reserves the right to Pre-Authorize credit card of the payment prior to service. All payments must be made in accordance with our Terms and Conditions or additional charges may apply.  


Reservation Changes:

It is the responsibility of the Client to notify Bolt LLC by phone at 770-830-7226 of any changes to times, routing locations, passenger information and/or flight information twelve (12) hours prior to the scheduled pick-up or before a vehicle has been dispatched for all SUV One-Way Transfers and seventy-two (72) hours for all Van, Bus, Specialty Vehicle One-Way Transfers, Hourly Charters, Special Occasions, and Special Events or additional charges may apply.  


Wait Times / Late Policies: 

The chauffeur will wait up to fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled time of Pick-Up for all Point-to-Point Transfers and Airport Transfers to the Airport; forty-five (45) minutes for all Domestic And International Flight Arrivals after the flight arrival time at the gate according to the official flight information from the FAA or the airline; and thirty (30) minutes after the scheduled time of Pick-Up for all Private Airport, Train, and Bus Arrivals before additional fees are charged to the Client.    If the Client DOES make, contact during this grace period the hourly “Wait” rate will be applied until the Client is seated in the vehicle, or the chauffeur is released by the Client. If the Client DOES NOT make contact with the chauffeur during the grace period with the exception of International Arrivals and Private Airport, Train, And Bus Arrivals, if a private flight, train or bus cannot be monitored, which the chauffeur will wait up to two (2) hours after the arrival or expected arrival, the chauffeur will be released by Bolt’s dispatched, and the Client will be considered a No-Show and the full charge will be billed including Suggested Gratuities unless otherwise requested by Client to be changed or removed. 


 Cancellations    It is the responsibility of the Client to notify Bolt LLC by phone at 770-830-7226 of any cancellations.

For “Point-to-Point,” “Hourly as Directed,” “Shuttles,” “Wedding Shuttle Transportation,” and “Charter Bus” Cancellations made at least 45 days prior to departure will be refunded in full including deposit. Cancellations made 15-44 days prior to departure will be charged the 20% deposit amount. Cancellations 5-14 days (about 2 weeks) prior to departure will be charged 70% of the Reservation Total. Cancellations 0-4 days prior to departure will be charged full Reservation amount.

For Airport Transfers   Cancellations must be made Three (3) hours prior to the scheduled pick-up. Cancellation not made will be scheduled as a No-Show and client will be responsible for full amount.

Baggage AND Other Property Transported:

Neither Bolt LLC, or a service provider, assumes any responsibility whatsoever for the handling or maintenance of any baggage, parcels, or other property. Baggage and all other individual property will be handled only at passenger’s own risk. Passengers’ baggage shall be carried subject to the available accommodations (as determined solely by the service provider) provided by interior and/or exterior racks. Lost or Damaged Items: Bolt LLC is not responsible for any items left, lost, stolen, or damaged while in the vehicle including, but not limited to, luggage, clothing, cell phones, jewelry, cash, cameras, packages, etc. The company assumes no risk for handling baggage and/or other passenger’s property. If you believe you lost an item while riding in one of our vehicles, please contact our office and we will attempt to locate it.


Smoking/Alcohol/Cleaning Damages

Smoking/Vaping is prohibited:

In all vehicles. If an occupant does smoke/vape in a vehicle, they will be asked to remove themselves from the vehicle until all smoking is complete and there will be an additional charge of $300 for smoke removal.

Alcohol:   Alcohol consumption or possession is not permitted by ANYONE in the vehicle, IF ANY of the passengers are under 21 years of age. Alcohol IS permitted for all persons the legal age of 21 and above. A state issued Id will be required as proof. Illegal drug consumption or possession by any passenger is not permitted. Breaking these terms is grounds for immediate termination of service for ALL passengers, with NO REFUND.

Cleaning:  We work extremely hard to keep our vehicles clean. We do allow drinks and food in vehicles however we ask that you clean up after yourself. Excessive vehicle cleaning charges will be billed to the customer. Example – body fluids of any type, food or drink that will cause excessive odors. Minimum cleanup $50.00 to Maximum $300.00 

Damages: The client assumes full financial liability for any damage, misuse or destruction to the vehicle(s) caused during the duration of the rental by them or any members of their party.

Pictures will be taken as proof of extra charges.


 Service Delays

Travel Delays: Bolt LLC cannot be held liable for delays caused by road closures, GPS mapping errors, accidents, airline delays, weather, traffic, or conditions beyond our control. Each trip is mapped out according to itinerary provided by client. Chauffeurs are trained to be prompt and make changes accordingly to keep clients on schedule.

Mechanical Delays:  In the event that a Bolt LLC vehicle is not available to begin or complete a reservation due to a mechanical issue, substitutions may be made with another carrier to perform the service. Bolt LLC liability due to the breakdown is limited to the cost of completing the original reservation. If scheduled reservation cannot be completed then a refund and/or credit, not to exceed the original reservation amount, will be applied towards next booking.



Bolt LLC reserves the right to send additional emails and texts to previous and existing clients for the purposes of company and industry updates, new procedures, specials, and information that will create peace of mind, make life easier and generate an unforgettable experience. All information collected from Bolt LLC clients will not be sold or used by any 3rd party except its subsidiaries and partners for the use of providing the service agreed upon in confirmations. By accepting our services, the clients and passengers agree to Bolt LLC Policy.